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Enter Your Own Size Full Kit – 1.14mm

How to order:

1. Choose your trim colour
2. Enter your roof dimensions plus 0.3m e.g. 5.3m x 5.3m for overhang
3. Add to basket

Minimum 8m² for Bespoke Kits

From £16.00 Per M²

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price

Complete Firestone EPDM 1.14mm Rubber Flat Roof Kit

Kit Contains:

  • Firestone EPDM to your size specifications – Minimum 8m²
  • Permaroof Water Based Adhesive
  • Permaroof Bonding Adhesive
  • Permaroof Upvc 2 part Drip / Gutter Trim (Enough lengths for one long side of your roof) – If your gutter is on the short side, place your order and send a quick email to and we will swap it over for you.
  • Permaroof Upvc Edge Trim (For one long side and two short sides)
  • Permaroof External Corner (x4)
  • Permaroof External Corner End Cap (x2)
  • Permaroof Joint Clips (Enough clips for your kit size)
  • Permaroof Edge Trim End Cap (Enough caps for your size kit)
  • Permaroof Closed Cell Foam Tape (8m roll – enough for your kit size)
  • Polypins (box of 100)
  • Permaroof Trim Installation Guides can be found on our website HERE

We can cut to size anything up to 15m x 61m in one single ply membrane. Call us on 0800 161 3722 for any help or technical queries.

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Weight 2 kg / sq m
Trim Colour

Black, White, Anthracite Grey



Membrane Repair

Perimeter walls & Internal corners

Termination to Adjacent Flat Roof Detail