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Permaroof 500 Liquid – Accelerator

Accelerate the curing of Permaroof 500

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Permaroof 500 Accelerator is an additive that gives the Permaroof 500 accelerated curing time. Improved their mechanical properties.
It is ideal for extreme environmental conditions (low temperatures) while improving performance mechanical properties of the membrane.
Also its an additive for single-layer applications

Accepted Uses
In the following situations
Accelerant curing time PERMAROOF 500
Elimination of bubbles and other defects in the membrane of Permaroof 500
Allows applications of Permaroof 500 on a thick film (2mm)and only with one process

General Features

Accelerated curing time PERMAROOF 500 especially in winter, cold weather and low relative humidity, with the addition of ACCELERATOR.
It allows the application of thick PERMAROOF 500. This represents a saving of execution time.
Eliminates the formation of air inside the membrane, bubbles and other defects in curing membrane thixotropy Increased product.
Increased mechanical properties of the membrane PERMAROOF 500
Cleaning materials are made with solvent
Density: 0,95 g/cm3
Do not use any type of machine or airless spray application to apply membrane PERMAROOF 500 when mixed with ACCELERATOR.

The performance of this product is 2L (1.7kg) of each 25kg or 0.5L per 6kg of Permaroof 500

In general, the following aspects should be dealt:
All the container 2L (1.7 kg ) is the amount needed for optimal reaction with a mixture of 25 kg of PERMAROOF 500
Incorporate ACCELERATOR to PERMAROOF 500 and mix with electric mixer avoiding incorporation of air. Then apply PERMAROOF 500 as usual.
Please check pot life timetable.
Normally, once incorporated ACCELERATOR to PERMAROOF 500, is not necessary to add any other diluent.
It’s important to use the product immediately after mixing

12 months at temperatures between 5 degrees and 25 degrees provided it is stored in a dry place. Once the tin has been opened, the product must be used immediately.

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500ml, 1L