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Permaroof 500 Liquid – PERMATHIX – 1 Litre

For vertical application of Permaroof 500 Liquid Menbrane

£35.90 + VAT


When Permaroof 500 Liquid Membrane needs to be applied to vertical surfaces. Permathix will be used to facilitate the application.

Permathix will provide Thixotropic properties which will allow the product to be applied easily without run and drops.

Instructions & Coverage

Permathix comes in 1 Litre tins and can be mixed up to 1 Litre per 25kg of Permaroof 500 Liquid Membrane. Usually adding 250ml per 25kg drum is enough to reach the desired consistency.


When using the Permathix with accelerator, make sure the accelerator is mixed with the Permaroof 500 Liquid Membrane first at the same ratio of 110ml per litre, then add the Permathix at a maximum rate of 250ml per 25kg drum or 60ml per 6kg tin.